Disappointment with God includes a Problem with Plans – Habakuk 1:5-2:1
August 30, 2023, 8:29 AM

Disappointments come when we have plans, dreams or wants that don’t happen. After Habakkuk raised his repeated complaints against God. Eventually He did speak. He revealed that He was going to do something. Finally, I think Habakkuk was expecting a revival and peoples’ hearts would be brought to renewed faith.

Listen to what God does reveal. It’s big, Habakkuk, much bigger than what you had in mind. It’s not just about Judah - it’s international. It’s global! Vs. 5 ““Look at the nations and watch— and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” I imagine Habakkuk was so excited. 

But if you read verses 5-11, God said He was going to raise up the Babylonians, a horrible pagan nation from the East which was the first power to finally overcome the dominance of Assyria. Assyria ruled that part of the world for 700 years - longer than America has existed. Babylon was a nation that was feared, dreaded, and ruthless. They wouldn’t be stopped.

God's wrath was going to come with a vengeance and, instead of repentance, instead of people turning to God, they would be beaten, slaughtered, tortured, torn apart, and made into slaves. The rulers would be a nation that was more ungodly, more evil, more horrible than the original problem.

Habakkuk was disappointed in God’s plan. He doesn’t like the way God is going to answer the prayer. That’s not what he had in mind. He offers a second complaint. (read vs. 12-17) How in the world can you do that, God? That’s not a solution. That is a worse problem than before. You are treating your enemies kinder than you are treating your friends.

Habakkuk has been struck by both the fierceness of the coming judgment and by the means which God was going to use, namely a pagan, proud, godless nation that was much worse than Judah. God’s response was a huge disappointment to Habakkuk.

One of the reasons the health and wealth gospel sells well in America is that the plan for us is blessing. In a most recent study by Lifeway Research 52% of Protestant churchgoers believe God will reward them financially if they give more money to church and charities. A growing number of churches teach if we really love God with all our hearts, we will be healthy. If we really pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, everyone will get well, if you have Jesus in your hearts. If you serve God with all your heart, your blessing will come with lovely houses, nice families, no problems, cars, and nice clothes. That’s what people like to hear. They want to bargain with God. Why wait for heaven when we can get earthly rewards?

Yet, in the news, we see Christian villages being pillaged by extreme Moslems and wonder why? We see loved ones not only get sick but get sicker. I understand Job’s situation where Satan does the dirty work, but here God is saying, I’m going to raise up this evil nation to do something globally. Habakkuk is quite disappointed in God’s plan,

Application: Prophets have a way of getting our attention. Are there grudges you are holding against God because your prayers weren’t answered the way you wanted?

Prayer: Lord, give me a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know you better.