God Delivers His People –Habakkuk 3:8-16
September 13, 2023, 8:00 AM


God used nature as a tool to demonstrate His power. We see how He polluted the Nile River, divided the Red Sea and the Jordan River during the Exodus. Similarly, God would use the power of nature to discipline the nations. His motive was to destroy His enemies and deliver His people.

God's chariots and horses are evidence of His power as the LORD of Hosts. His cherubim and angelic forces are executors of His sovereignty over nature. Therefore, God was seen as a victor riding forth with His horses (Hab. 3:15; and in Rev. 6:4ff) The chariot picked Elijah from the earth at his appointed time.

God’s actions and power can be seen as promised, “You split the earth with rivers; the mountains saw you and writhed. Torrents of water swept by; the deep roared and lifted its waves on high.”

Verse 11 states that even the celestial bodies acknowledge their Creator. “Sun and moon stood in their places; they went away at the light of Thine arrows, at the radiance of Thy gleaming spear.” The sun and moon are highly visible symbols of God’s created order as they are always there and always on time. They represent consistency and permanence. We have based our calendar upon them. God can work His wonders not only on earth, sea, and among the nations, but in the highest heavens as well.

When His lightning flashes even the light of sun and moon is pale by comparison. Lightning racing toward its target is compared with the arrows of God. Yet, all the light and brilliance of sun, moon and lightning pale compared to the splendor of the Lord. The interruption in the created order characterized by darkness is also indicative of the coming Day of the Lord.

Verse 12-15 states that in history God marched through His world dealing justice to the nations. Habakkuk envisioned God moving and marching through the earth to crush sinful people and bring salvation to Israel. The purpose is the salvation of His people. Salvation was for God’s people and expressly for His Anointed One. Anointed One probably refers to the Messiah. 

Dennis Davidson said, “God’s mighty past acts in history amply demonstrate that He is able to save those who look to Him in faith. He has promised to save His people and He will save them. The God who makes promises stands by His promises. The God who makes oaths keeps them.

The two final verses of this ode of God’s self-revelation speaks of the ultimate destruction of the enemy. What He did in history for His people, He is willing and able to do again. Is there any god like our God?”

If God’s deliverance is recorded so powerfully from the Egyptians and recorded later from the Babylonians, how much more terror with fall on our spiritual enemy Satan and his demons by the wrath of Jesus?

Application: As an illustration of war, the revelation of God pictures bows and arrows to strike down the enemy. Meditate some on what God’s actions will be, based on what He has promised He will do. Like Habakkuk, we must trust in His deliverance.

Prayer: There is no God like our God. Father, let Your Kingdom come, let Your Will be done! AMEN!